Individual Lessons


Beard Performance Golf knows that everyone has their own unique swing. Our initial methods may be similar for everyone as far as basic fundamentals of grip, stance, posture, ball position, and alignment. We will work with you, help you find your best swing, and lead you down the pathway to success and enjoyment playing golf!

Group Lessons

Group lessons are fun!

You can make your own group, 4-6 people. Depending on the size of the group, you will have either one (1) or two (2) PGA Professionals teaching the class. Groups lessons can also be offered on a first come first serve basis for a spot in the class when the lessons are offered. If you choose to make your own group, we will schedule a time that works best for you and your group!


We will have numerous clinic possibilities throughout the spring and summer. Being a good citizen is important to us, so as long as social distancing is an issue, we will be sensitive to that. 

Clinics will range in size from 4-6 people. Clinic dates and times will be listed on our event calendar. You can sign up at the pro shop or down at BPG. 

Sign up with a group of friends and have a complimentary drink on BPG!

Playing Lessons

Playing lessons are a real learning experience!

You will get to play alongside a PGA Professional for 90 minutes and learn things like course strategy, playing options around the green and a variety of trouble shots.

Eye Line Putting Clinic

We cover the four basic putting elements: set up, path, impact, and speed and “take it to the course”.

This is the best way to shave shots off your rounds. Imagine shaving 3-4 three putts off each round. It makes a huge difference!

Make your own afternoon or evening group. We will also have sign ups and a list of dates for these clinics. Click here to view the schedule.

TPI Assessment

The TPI evaluation is a 16 Point physical screen. This is not a physical fitness test, however it is a method used to determine what you can and cannot do from a physical standpoint with your golf swing.

We will work with you to make the most of your golf swing by giving you exercises and drills to help gain or maintain your flexibility and mobility.